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(A 2 day seminar held over 1 weekend)

Whether journeying on your spiritual path or just wanting to consolidate it, it is important to know the basics of Your Energy Anatomy.

This seminar will help you to discover what “energy” is all about and what is happening in your energy fields and how this impacts on your day-to-day life, eg "my throat is sore" and "I can't stop the monkey mind chatter".

Explore your own spiritual development and find more to love about life and yourself.

I feel this workshop is the basis of all of your future learnings. I liken it to maths. 

For me, this course is like the multiplication tables. Learn them and know they are the basics for all your future maths, in many different variants. So it is with this seminar, I feel these are the important basics of what you need to learn for the future therapies/studies you undertake. Understanding and consolidation of the basics cannot be under estimated.

You will learn/consolidate about your Energy Dimensions (where our Auras, Chakras, meridians etc reside), our Chakral system and how it interacts in our daily life and how we can “read”, help and support our systems, our Aura (it is not just about colour), plus more.

It is a personal development seminar, a mixture of traditional and experiential learning, along with energy activations.

You will learn about:

  • What it means to be multi-dimensional (you already are)

  • What is the concept of being Divine, and how do we create our reality

  • Meditation and stress management

  • How to be calm instead of anxious

  • What is the energy anatomy

  • What shape is my energy anatomy in now

  • How can I heal any imbalances

  • How my chakras affect my personality, desires, and ability to succeed in life

  • How to use awareness of energy and simple techniques to solve problems

  • How to build your energy centres for optimal happiness and balance!

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