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Advanced Soul Meditation

In Isabella Plains, Canberra 

2nd and 4th Monday night of the month meditation and discussion group in Canberra

at 7.30pm

Investment $20 (includes supper)

The guided meditations are channelled by Holistic Practitioner and Healing Medium Gaye Piper from Synergy I

To register, phone or text Gaye on 0428 624 452 as seating is limited

Check out Gaye's meditations that are available to you on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play & Spotify


Meditation is a particular mood or state of consciousness that your body and mind enters into.

I feel meditation is fundamental to life. If you have tried to meditate before but found it difficult, you can be sure that it will be much easier with us because of the techniques and the manner in which it is taught.

All meditations are facilitated/channelled by Gaye Piper, who has an infinite connection to Divine Source and her mediations explore all aspects life.

Benefits of meditation

Health: rapid relaxation, better immune function, faster healing from


Mental: relaxation = less stress, clearer thought patterns etc

Sleep: less sleep actually required

Emotional: inner peace, self confidence, improved relationships


  • Point of focus

  • Encourages relaxation

  • Lowers heart rate

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Teaches the mind stillness (starts to form the habit of stillness)

Why I should meditate?

  • to Relaxation

  • for my Wellbeing

  • for Stress Management

  • to improve my Health

  • to help me Focus

  • to create Inner Stillness – peace training

  • to Sleep better

Meditation Cycles:

Thought: Thoughts that come into your mind during meditation should be observed & allowed to float away.. “Ah! Interesting”.

Feeling: Often feelings that arise are those that are usually suppressed such as anger, irritation, sadness, grief, even joy. Don’t be embarrassed or “put off”, better out than in. There have been correlations made between emotional suppression & disease

Body: Sometimes your body feels wriggly. This is a form of resistance to relaxation, and to the inevitable life changes that becoming calm and centered brings to you. If this occurs, make sure you do some exercise before and after your meditation so that the body realizes that meditation comes with treats at both ends, and your body will also start to look forward to meditation.

Deep Peace: This sometimes takes time for you to achieve, but eventually does happen.

The Void: This can be experienced even by beginners. Like sleep, when you return you have no memory of where you’ve been - but there is a deep sense of relaxation & instant re-energising.

Experiences. Sometimes when we meditate we have some truly spectacular experiences. We may experience intense bliss, and this is really something to look forward to.

Gaye also offers one-on-one meditations for a particular aspect of your life, eg stressors or illness etc. Gaye can create your special meditation and you can have it on CD or USB.


I have my own range of very powerful and uniquely guided meditations and these are available now...

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