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Gaye calls her energy healings Shaddai Therapy - a blending of energies.  

Gaye has been taught many different Energy Healings and at times, she may be guided to use 1 method or 2, 3 or even 4 different methods that compliment and enhance each other. It depends on what guidance she is given at the time and what the client's energy field requires.

Some may think this could be very confusing but for Gaye and her TEAM, they know what is best energetically for their client.

I received a Shaddai Healing from Gaye, not only did I feel better and more like myself that I felt I was missing, but Gaye also communicated with my body, spirit and those in spirit around me in the process.She found old issues that hindered my life and got rid of replacing the bad with good. It was an amazing experience and I highly appreciate and recommend Gaye to anybody in need for natural healing - Anna

What is an energy healing?

For Gaye, the power of energy healing lays within the person/client. They have the power to heal themselves but just need a facilitator to speak with their energy bodies. Gaye is the facilitator of this and with the information she brings forward from her TEAM and the knowledge and skills that she has learnt, the outcome is very rewarding.

If the person does not want a healing to work, it won't but if they do, the results can be very profound. Some people come forward very closed but wanting results and unless they are open to the possiblities, then the outcome will be less but they still receive an energy cleansing and it may take some time before they realise the changes that occurred.

Disease and ill health start in the energy field and then become physical problems. Stress, life imbalance, unresolved deep emotional pain and trauma create energetic imbalances that can cause physical or mental ill health. 

Depression and anxiety are two of the biggest diseases in western culture. By cleaning out the human energy field, we optimize the capacity of the body to heal itself and to carry out the web of complex interactions that create mental emotional spiritual and physical wellness in each individual.

Sessions take approximately 45 minutes plus but the healing will continue to unfold over the ensuing days.

Energy Healings can be achieved either physical (1-on-1 with the Therapist) or distance (with permission of the client)

Location: upon request

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