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Based in Canberra and created to facilitate training of mediumship in Australia by evidential, ethical and reputable tutors. At One Events supports the education of evidential mediumship and Spiritual philosophy by hosting ethical experiences and reputable teachers for workshops and retreats

Heavenly Connections is a boutique new age gift store offering a diverse range of unique giftware and alternative products. They have lovely giftware, natural crystals and natural stone jewellery. They also carry a comprehensive range of new age books, Tarot And CDS, Be Enlightened candles, essential oils, sprays, dragons, angels, Egyptian artifacts, clothing, and so much more . They offer Psychic Readings, Mediumship & Tarot Readings from experienced readers.

GLOBAL HEALING (CRYSTAL DREAMING) We support humanity's evolution into light and peace through love-based activities and services. We wish to assist your journey into full awareness of the divine and beautiful being of light that you are. As multi-dimensional beings of limitless consciousness, we create the reality we choose, now. We hope you enjoy visiting our site. Blessings, Love and Light - Raym and Chicchan


Shanti Mission is a spiritual philosophy, based upon 8 pillars that if implemented consistently will ignite the spirit, create enlightened consciousness and Divine self-realization. Shanti Mission is a visionary organisation under the spiritual guidance of Shakti Durga (Kim Fraser). Shanti Mission holds a raft of great ideas which are being put into action by committed groups of people who hold a vision of living in a golden age of peace.

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