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About Shambala and

Synergy I and Gaye Piper

Shambala Spiritual Centre has been a dream to manifest for Gaye Piper. Gaye is very excited to be able to bring such a quality Spiritual Centre to those who seek peace, harmony, knowledge and teaching.

Shambala is a vortex that brings the energies of the Spirit, the Soul and the Physical Dimensions into working together for a healthy, happy and peaceful lifestyle.

Shambala offers many therapies and are of a high quality vibration and frequency

Gaye is a Master Healer and Healing Medium with a deep understating of the situations causing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ill health. Gaye facilitates healing of the core issues resulting in balance and joy in all aspects of life and is passionate about “waking” people up to their own magnificence.

This is achieved by sharing, teaching and empowering people to Be Who They Want To Be and this is done through Soul Intuition, Seminars, Energy Healings, Crystal Dreaming, Psychic/Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Guidance and Counselling, unique meditation CDs, Spiritual and Energetic card decks, Gaye's books and the new information that is brought forward regularly.

Gaye has studied with these amazing teachers (and still is with some), such as:

  • Sarah Jeffrey

  • Julian Glover

  • Scott Milligan

  • Chris Drew

  • Paul Jacobs

  • Mavis Pittilla

  • Christine Morgan

  • Kim Fraser - Shakti Durga, (Founder and Director of Shanti Mission)

  • Raym (Crystal Master)

  • Moss Arnold, Reflexologist (Principle and Owner Australian College of Chi Reflexology)

  • Master Choa Kok Sui (Pranic Healing Master)

  • Brandon Bays (The Journey)

In addition to the above, those who have impacted on Gaye's journey through their books, videos etc

  • Gregg Braden

  • Dr Hew Len

  • Wayne Dwyer

  • Caroline Myss

and the Soul Family she has connected with on this and the Spiritual plane. Gaye is now able to bring these teachings to those who seek a similar path or just want to improve their own lives.

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