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Check out Gaye's amazing meditations that are available to you on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play & Spotify

Wanting to purchase my book; One Heart, One Breath, One Soul, One Me directly through Direct Debit from myself and have a personal channelled message, contact me through and put in the "title" purchase of your book and I will reply with details.

One Heart, One Breath, One Soul, One Me (paperback)

Sharing words of Inspiration, Wisdom, Guidance and Empowerment with Gaye Piper Simply, this book is an experience of FREEDOM. FREEDOM of your thoughts - your mind chatter and your life. It is a reflection of self, of truths that are empowering and of thoughts that will support YOU in empowering yourself to be the true beacon of light that you are. We all have this and we all can do this. We just need the courage, trust and have faith to step forward into the brilliance of the unknown of Universal Love and Energy and the complete oneness of ourself. The Title of this book, One Heart, One Breath, One Soul, One Me, may seem that it is only about the author, but it is about the “essence” of the “One” of each and every one of ourselves, our own individualism and our own oneness with the Divine Also available through direct debit by contacting Gaye directly

Know Your Spiritual and Energy Anatomy

Card Deck

A revolutionary and unique approach to supporting and teaching you on your journey of growth and experience. This deck of 64 cards is like no others. These cards support many of the Healing Therapies that are available with simple explanations of your spiritual and energy anatomy.

They are a fun and practical way in which learning is made easy.

For the beginner or the seasoned student, these cards cross all the bridges and are enjoyed by all.

A great gift for self and others

Know Your Spiritual and Energy Anatomy Card Deck - a 64 deck of cards $24.95AU + postage and handling.

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Purchases can be made by PayPal, cheque, mail order or Direct Deposit and the purchase/s will be sent upon receipt of payment. Please order through the form below and details of Direct Debt (when required) will be sent to you.

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