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Welcome to the Realms of Spirituality.

Where "normal" is outside the square.

Inspiration, intuition and guidance comes in many forms. The way I support those who seek my guidance is through achieving a way of understanding that supports you.

 Gaye Piper

Gaye's unique MEDITATIONS now available on


Are you seeking clarity, guidance, or a glimpse into the future? Let Gaye, an experienced and gifted Psychic, Intuitive & Guidance Reader illuminate the mysteries that lie ahead.

✨ Unlock Your Inner Wisdom ✨ With years of experience and a deep understanding of "connection," Gaye uses her intuitive abilities to provide profound insights into your life. Whether you're facing uncertainties, looking for direction, or curious about your future, Gaye's psychic readings offer the clarity you need.

🌟 What to Expect 🌟

  • Intuitive Insights: Gaye taps into your energy vibration, revealing what lies beneath the surface.

  • Spiritual Guidance: Receive messages from your guides and higher self.

  • Emotional Healing: Understand and release emotional blocks holding you back.

  • Future Visions: Get a glimpse of what the future may hold for you.

Why Choose Gaye? 🌈 Gaye’s unique blend of intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual wisdom makes her readings powerful and transformative. Her compassionate approach ensures you feel supported and understood throughout your session.

 Book Your Reading Today!  Experience the transformative power of a Reading with Gaye. Whether you’re looking for answers, healing, or inspiration, Gaye is here to help you navigate your path with confidence and clarity. This can be experienced face-to-face, via mobile, Google Meets or through Facebook.

Gaye is in Private Practice at Shambala Spiritual Centre in the ACT, Australia and also every Wednesday and second Sunday at Heavenly Connections, Gold Creek, ACT, Australia

I recently went to see Gaye to hopefully connect with my brother who had recently passed away. Gaye has a beautiful personality and that comes through in her readings. My brother was there to communicate with Gaye and the information I was told there was definitely proof of life. Since talking to Gaye I feel so much lighter and my grief is not as bad as I know that my brother is okay. I would see Gaye in the future as she is gifted, beautiful and humble." Alex

Gaye is now doing readings through Heavenly Connections at Federation Square, ACT every Wednesday and alternate Sundays. Contact Heavenly Connections on 02 6156 8342 to book your reading time and at Shambala Spiritual Centre every Monday, Tuesday and Friday on 0482 624 452

Are you seeking some guidance with something going on in your life at the moment? or a question that seems to "play" on your mind. Ask Gaye and she will share her insights and answer your question. Limit of 1 question to be asked.

If you wish a more indepth reading, book a date and time with Gaye, either face-to-face, mobile, Google Meet or FB messenger.


Shambala Spiritual Centre

Face to face readings, Healings and Therapies are available now

Want to get a personally signed book with a channelled message, then purchasing my book through direct debit from me is a gift being offered.



International Author, Holistic Practitioner and Healing Medium, Gaye Piper is your

AdvancedCrystal Dreaming Practitioner in Canberra.  

Let your body and cellular memories talk to you as Gaye facilitates your experience of exploration on the inner plane, with a heightened awareness of reality, in a safe, nurturing and protected environment.

Call Gaye on

0428 624 452 


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