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Wanting to purchase One Heart, One Breath, One Soul, One Me directly through Direct Debit from myself and have a personal channelled message, contact me through and put in the "title" purchase of your book and I will reply with details.

One Heart, One Breath, One Soul, One Me (paperback)
Sharing words of Inspiration, Wisdom, Guidance and Empowerment with Gaye Piper Simply, this book is an experience of FREEDOM. FREEDOM of your thoughts - your mind chatter and your life. It is a reflection of self, of truths that are empowering and of thoughts that will support YOU in empowering yourself to be the true beacon of light that you are. We all have this and we all can do this. We just need the courage, trust and have faith to step forward into the brilliance of the unknown of Universal Love and Energy and the complete oneness of ourself. The Title of this book, One Heart, One Breath, One Soul, One Me, may seem that it is only about the author, but it is about the “essence” of the “One” of each and every one of ourselves, our own individualism and our own oneness with the Divine Also available through direct debit by contacting Gaye directly
Price: $14.95
Meditations to Link and Download
All the meditations listed below can be purchased individually for $8 each instead of as a double. This way you can chose the ones that you want to listen to. These are linked and then downloaded. They are guided mindfulness channelled meditations. Unique and powerful. Purchase here and put in your details with which meditation you would like as a link to download. The meditation will be yours in 48 hours. You must have an email address for this offer
Price: $8.00
Meditations to Link and Download
2 x meditations to be linked and downloaded. Details as above for 1
Price: $15.00
Meditations to Link and Download
3 x meditations to be linked and downloaded. Details as above for 1
Price: $21.00
Meditations to Link and Download
4 x meditations to be linked and downloaded. Details as above for 1
Price: $28.00

Meditation of Moments
Meditations of Moment are a collection of 4 short meditations. Going with the Flow Meditation 11 minutes Meditation of the Waterfall 15 minutes Basket of Change Meditation 6 minutes Affirmations of “I” 12 minutes These meditations are just as effective as the longer meditations. The point is that you stop, breath and just be for a few moments.
Price: $19.97
Forest of Freedom and Cave of Contemplation Meditations
Journey through The Forest of Freedom with the Tree of Thoughts, the Leaves of Love, the Grass of Gratitude, the Flowers of Forgiveness, the River of Rest, the Stream of Soul, the Breeze of Breath and the Clouds of Change. Allow this meditation to help clear any negativity you hold and bring forward the peace and calmness you so seek. 34 minutes The Cave of Contemplation takes you to a higher aspect of self. A place where self realisation can be obtained. Allow this journey to touch with your Soul and take you to the higher recesses of self. 35 minutes
Price: $19.97
Beacon of Light and As Above As Below Meditations
The Beacon of Light Meditation takes your mind to the light of a Lighthouse beacon. You then allow this light to transcend time and space in your mind, body and Soul. A very magical journey and one worthwhile experiencing. 32 minutes As Above – As Below meditation brings in the magic of the energy of Divine Father (As Above) and Mother Earth (As Below) and with the magic of your mind, body and Soul, you meld this very powerful energy into your heart centre. A truly enlightening and powerful meditation. 35 minutes
Price: $19.97

What is Meditation?
This CD sheds some light on what meditation is about. This 18 minute discussion helps you to understand different aspects about meditation and how you can use it in your daily life. In addition, there are 2 exercises to help you to start to meditate; Breath 7 minutes and Point of Focus/Monkey Mind Chatter 8 minutes, followed by 2 meditations; Relaxing the Body 12 minutes and Releasing Negativity 16 minutes.
Price: $19.97
Meditation of Soul
Soul meditations take you on a journey of difference. These meditations “tap” into the access of your Soul and your awareness. This particular meditation helps you to clear, clean, release and energise from a Soul perspective.
Price: $19.97
Clearing the Blockages and Challenges of Dis-ease in the Body Meditation
Your body is talking to you and it wants to be heard. We have a lifetime of events and experiences to put layers of Dis-ease into our body and it takes many times to release them. This meditation is just one way to help you, help your body and each time you do this meditation, the experience can be different. For 18 minutes you journey with this meditation and then if you chose, experience another 18 minutes of Affirmations for a Healthy Body.
Price: $19.97

Plus more will be posted as they are released.
Know Your Spiritual and Energy Anatomy
Card Deck

A revolutionary and unique approach to supporting and teaching you on your journey of growth and experience. This deck of 64 cards is like no others. These cards support many of the Healing Therapies that are available with simple explanations of your spiritual and energy anatomy.
They are a fun and practical way in which learning is made easy.
For the beginner or the seasoned student, these cards cross all the bridges and are enjoyed by all.
A great gift for self and others
Know Your Spiritual and Energy Anatomy Card Deck - a 64 deck of cards $24.95AU + postage and handling.
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