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Gaye is a Licensed 
as well as  Practitioner. 

The dates of her next complete Crystal Dreaming workshop are 
10, 11 & 12 November 2017

Gaye is now offering a Crystal Awareness workshop TBA
 (a stand alone Day 1 of Crystal Dreaming 3 day workshop)

Readings with Gaye

Experience a life changing reading with Gaye

Allow yourself to enter and be guided into the realm of readings

Gaye connects to the Higher Realms to bring forward guidance, empowerment, wisdom and inspiration


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Every 1st and 3rd Monday night at 7.30pm
Meditation (click here) and discussion group

Crystal Dreaming - Workshops and Therapy
Angel Card Readings with maybe a touch of 
Tarot, Palmistry & Mediumship
Energy Healings - Shaddai Therapy

Plus so much more

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It’s hard to put into words the experiences that I have shared with Gaye. Gaye is a very special person who has been of great support, very informative and has delivered greater guidance to me and my life. 

Her beautiful soul has allowed me to gain strength within myself through her angel readings and our chats. They too have given me direction and guidance in self growth, life experiences, behaviours, and people in my life, people to come into my life and reassurance on my path.

In everything that she does, she delivers with true passion and skill, she is honest and I have trusted her as I would my family.

Gaye has a very warm and loving nature and welcomes all with open arms. She is true in that she gives to you as her angels tell her and as she see it, this allowed me to get a good understanding of what it was that was or could happen. She gave full information in saying that it is my path and it can change, depending on me and that all information should be looked at discerningly.

Her work is special, her work is a gift. She speaks of her own experiences and that of her family which is relatable. You are able to walk into a session with Gaye free from judgement and free from negativity. In her amazing practise, she delivers and offers knowledge of material that she uses and believes in, recommending to all who could benefit from it. 

Despite the distance that it now between us, Gaye is still the person I look to for advice, support and help. The person I respect, adore and have become a true friend, I will always hold onto - Mel, Orange
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International Author and Wholistic Practitioner, Gaye Piper is your 
Advanced Crystal Dreaming Teacher & Practitioner in Canberra.  

Let your body and cellular memories talk to you as Gaye facilitates your experience of exploration on the inner plane, with a heightened awareness of reality, in a safe, nurturing and protected environment. 

Call Gaye on 
0428 624 452 

 Trained & Certified by Crystal Master, Raym and his wife Chicchan   


I received a Shaddai Healing from Gaye, not only did I feel better and more like myself that I felt I was missing, but Gaye also communicated with my body, spirit and those in spirit around me in the process.

She found old issues that hindered my life and got rid of replacing the bad with good. 

It was an amazing experience and I highly appreciate and recommend Gaye to anybody in need for natural healing - Anna

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I have been to Gaye on many occasions for Crystal Dreaming and Chakra Clearing treatments.
It has all benefited me greatly. I learnt a lot about myself. Often after a treatment I would feel calmer and more balanced, my body felt rejuvenated. 
Generally it would help me move forward in my life, where I had become stagnant.  
Gaye’s vast experience & knowledge provides a comforting & supportive treatment session and I highly recommend it for everyone. 
I regularly attended Gaye’s meditation nights, which I very much looked forward to. It was held in a soothing and calm environment and I often walked away with such renewed energy and hope. Sometimes I would skip out the door with such joy. It was sometimes the quiet time I needed to sort through the events of the week and to quiet my busy mind. 
She is gifted in this area and will guide you gently at the level of meditation you require - Lizzie

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