Synergy I - Angel Readings
Synergy I - *Soul Intuitive*Angel Readings*Energy Healings*Crystal Dreaming

Allow yourself to enter, and be guided, into the realm of Angels through an Angel Reading.
Gaye Piper, an Advanced Angel Intuitive certified by Doreen Virtue (Healing with the Angels, Messages from the Angles, The Lightworker and many more books, cards and CD’s etc) uses her connection with The Universe and the Angelic Realm to bring forward guidance that pertains to you at the point in time of your reading.
Many of the messages gives you guidance for your day-to-day life, insight and encouragement.

Not all is understood at the time of the reading, as some messages are futuristic.

All Gaye asks is for you to be open to the beautiful and encouraging messages channelled by the Angelic realm. 

It is your choice how long your reading goes for.  You may only want a ½ hour reading or you may chose an indepth reading which goes approximately 1 hour (at times a bit longer).

“In person” Readings
“*Distant/Remote” Email Readings (allow 7-14 days for completion of reading due to the high demand of this service)

*Distant/Remote Email Readings (only available for the 1 hour reading) - if you are choosing this, I ask you to choose 6 different numbers between 1 and 44, 5 separate times.  You can, if you want, just want to select the one lot of 6 numbers that covers the five layers of the reading.  With the way in which I "tune" into your energies, these numbers help for  the guidance of you.

Are We Surrounded By Angels At All Times?

Yes, we are always surrounded by Angels at all times, whether we realize it or not or believe it or not. Many people tell me that they can't feel their Angels and have no proof that they have Angels with them. At times, they can feel alone and abandoned by their Angelic helpers but this is never actually so.

After their Angel Reading, they realize that they have always felt their Angels loving presence; they just did not recognize them. 

Learn how the Angels can help us in our day-to-day life, eg car spaces

Is An Angel Reading Always a Positive Experience?

I would like to think that the answer is Yes but as we all have free will, it does depend on you.

The Angel’s purpose is to give positive reinforcement and loving guidance.

It is comforting to know that we have Angels who are there to assist us at all times. Life on Earth can be very difficult and many times we feel that we have no one on our side to support and love us.

An Angel Reading will help you to connect with your Angels and learn to receive their loving guidance.



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